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Goals for a New Year – Are they SMART?

It’s funny when you think about’s a new year and many folks are setting new goals for themselves.  The magical day, January 1st where we instantly burn those bad habit “bridges” and start anew, determined to be ready for change in one day. For some people this works by setting a clear “line in the sand” mentality to move ahead. It motivates them, which is terrific!  For others, though they have true intentions and are genuinely motivated, the excitement of making a resolution and sticking with it quickly fades away.

What’s the difference between succeeding at reaching your goals, making lasting changes and not?  There can be many different reasons why.  Lack of motivation, lack of support from family, friends or coworkers, life changes/unexpected events or getting tired of the effort it takes.  Does it mean you have failed if you don’t reach your goal?

Absolutely Not!  An unreached goal is just that. It does not mean you have failed or are a failure.  It’s just another step on your journey to make progress.  The fact you made a goal shows that you are interested in making changes.  That’s where it all starts.  It’s a win!

Perhaps there were reasons why you did not reach your goal listed above that deterred you in the past.  Or, maybe your goal was too vague, without clear steps on how to reach it and in what amount of time?  If it is the latter reason that has kept you from what you wanted to accomplish, the use of SMART goals is designed to help keep you on track.

SMART stands for:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time bound

When you set a goal with these 5 aspects in mind, and written down where you can visibly see them daily, that’s when the magic starts to happen!  You can use this concept to reach a goal at work, a home project or share even with your children to help them at home and school (if they are willing to listen).

SMART goals provide clarity in the steps you can take daily, one at a time, to make progress over a specified amount of time.  If working with a buddy or Health Coach, you can get these mapped out together to be able to measurable progress and to show where the barriers to making lasting change, if any, lie.

Here is an example of a goal versus a SMART goal.

Goal:  I’m going to lose 40 lbs this year so I look great in a swim suit by summer!

SMART goal:  I will lose 5 lbs every 2 weeks for 4 months for a total of 40 lbs lost. I will do this by exercising at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes and following a 1600 calorie meal plan daily.

The benefits of using a Health Coach, such as Seeds of Change, is that I can help  you discover your motivation to make the change, remind you of it, create a healthy meal plan and keep you accountable by checking in weekly to see how you are doing and to provide support and motivation.  Each time you make a choice that moves you toward your goal that is a win plain and simple.  All those wins add up to success!  What wait until tomorrow??  Set your goal(s) today!

I wish you life-changing health and blessings this year!


1 Tim 15:   “Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.”

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