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I hope your year is getting off to a good start!  I wish you & your family the best in health this year.  Looking at me, some may think I have had no health issues before or can relate to some things you might be going through. That’s furthest from the truth…I know what it’s like to have an illness where you’re dealing with pain or in my case also intense numbness for almost 2 solid months while raising young children at the same time. I was diagnosed with MS in 2000 and my life changed in an instant.  It came out of nowhere, I was scared, often depressed and was challenged to keep up with the family activities, laundry, shopping, taxiing children etc. 

Even back then I had instincts that what the doctor told me was not my fate…I asked what to do dietary wise to help support my body and he said there are no changes he’d recommend except to try a medication and see what happens.  I was angry. I knew better and that I could do something to help myself. 

The next day I found a book called “The MS Diet” by Dr. Swank and followed the suggestions almost to a tee because I was so scared.  I completely changed my diet. Out of fear, I did a transition from diet soda to unsweetened tea, no red meat for an entire year (I was eating a lot of it then to do a low carb diet!) and went to eating lots of salads with homemade dressing, more whole foods and grilled chicken etc. I had been eating a high inflammatory diet previous to my diagnosis without realizing it.  Now I see clearly how diet, keeping the right mindset & keeping the faith (literally) can change everything!  

That is why I became a Nutrition & Dietetic Technician, Registered (NDTR) & Certified Health Coach. 

I want to help others gain knowledge of nutrition & empower/support them to accomplish lasting lifestyle choices so they can make the proper choices that will support their bodies that allow them to live life to the fullest. I was hindered with not only physical symptoms but also great fear of what my future held. This is no way to live life.

I felt so hopeless and like a victim.  But there IS hope & you are not a victim of genetics or your illness – check out this article on Epigenetics which explains how we can turn our cells’ DHA on & off with our food choices.  The body is amazing and is designed to heal itself when given a chance and supported with proper nutrition and rest….don’t give up hope!  If you want encouragement read more HERE.  

Best to you & your family!

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If you’re looking for help in reaching your health goals and don’t know where to start or have tried every diet in the past with no lasting results and are fed up, I have opened up a few spots for free 60 minute calls. During the call we’ll discover where you are currently, where you want to go and what are the gaps in between and how I may be able to help. No matter what, you’ll come away with clarity and inspiration. To schedule a call, just click HERE. If a time does not work for you, contact me and we’ll get it scheduled. The best is yet to come! -Lori