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Hit a Weight Loss Plateau? There’s Hope!

Are you hitting a plateau in your weight loss journey? What can you do to move the scale again?

This is a common issue for those on a weight loss journey…you are moving along losing pounds and inches and then things begin to slow down and you start to panic. Why is this happening? Not again? What do I do to make progress again, I’m not where I want to be yet.

There could be many reasons why this is happening to you and as you have heard a million times, “everyone is different”. Well that’s because it’s true!

However, a couple of common reasons why this could be happening is due to the following and I’ll give tips on how to get moving forward again…

  1. Initial loss of water weight. It was easier in the beginning to see the weight come down due to the initial loss of water weight for lots of people. Carbohydrates allow the body to hold onto water. Many people reduce their carbohydrate intake which causes loss of water weight, not fat. This results in “instant gratification” which we all enjoy but it can be a false sense of weight loss and can come back quickly when we consume carbs again and at a higher level without realizing it. Complex, quality carbohydrates are ok to enjoy while losing weight and is the preferred energy source for your body in the right proportions and quality such as whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetable sources.
  2. Your metabolism has shifted. When you lose weight and keep it off for a period of time, your body adjusts to not needing as many calories as you needed before to sustain your body’s functions. If you do not change your eating habits to adjust to this, you may hit a plateau unless you do something different such as adjust your calories, eat smaller meals throughout the day to rev up your metabolism or do different exercises to invoke muscle confusion and wake up your body again to burn calories a different way.
  3. You are consuming more calories than you realize. It is so easy to make progress on your weight loss goals, lose some pounds and then think you can go back to the way you ate and still be on track with your goals. Food journaling is the best way to find out if this is the culprit. Weekend food warriors beware because this is usually why this occurs. On the weekends, you are more relaxed, out with friends and family, not in your normal routine and do not realize how many extra calories you are consuming which is causing some weight gain or a plateau. Awareness is key!

So what to do?

Be your own detective and notice what habits you have gotten lax in, what foods you may be eating again that you swore off before or had very little of.

Are you still getting in movement each week? Do you need to switch up the exercise you are getting? Lifting weights is a great way to get your metabolism revving!  Exercise also helps you deal with stress in a healthy way which can cause weight gain. Always a win-win!

Keep a food diary, even on the weekends. I bet you see a trend and can stop it in order to get back on your journey again…. and it is a JOURNEY my friend and that’s ok. One step forward, one or two steps back is OK, normal and how we learn how to maintain a healthy weight when we reach our goals.

You GOT this friend!

For more help, I work 1:1 with people and in groups. Schedule a Chat for a Complementary Health Assessment Call today to get started on your goals!

Lori is a Certified Health Coach and Weight Management Specialist with Seeds of Change Nutrition. She has been coaching clients back to health for years and is passionate about helping people get off the dieting cycle and into a Lifestyle they LOVE so they lose weight, get healthy and can stick with it a lifetime!

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