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3 Cooking Tips to Deliciousness With Less Fat!

Now, when I was in my nutrition-related schooling, we had to take classes in food science (one of my FAVs) and also culinary arts. I was told  many times over that “fat carries flavor” in recipes, which is does.  This is why traditional marbled steaks we make in the Summer taste so delicious and when on the grill, that sound is made when grease hits the fire!

Well, if you’re trying to lose some weight, fat may carry flavor but choosing the right types of fat and watching the amount is key.

Here are 3 ways you can enjoy food and do so with less fat: 

Tip #1)  Use the grill!  The fat drips off your food before even hitting your plate. I do caution people to try not to char your food as that creates a chance for increased risk of cancers from repeated carcinogen exposure.  Also grilling is a fun way to cook vegetables!  Simply wrap them tightly in a pocket type fashion in some foil with some seasonings and they steam naturally when sealed in the foil – even with just a dab of grass fed butter if even that!

Tip #2)  Use a lid!  How can something that simple help reduce the fat I use (butter, oils) when cooking or sauteing my food?  I used to use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to saute my vegetables pretty liberally.  Its a “good” source of fat right??  Well, if you’re watching your calories, fat costs you 9 calories per gram, whereas protein & carbs 4 calories per gram, whether they are a healthier source or not.  You do still need good quality fats in your diet but using a lid helps reduce the amount needed because it acts like a steamer, softening the food and cooking it faster even with using a good cooking spray or even water or broth.   I use broth or water all the time now in conjunction with a lid and it works great, saving me 100s of calories each day and that adds up!

Tip #3)  Use high quality non stick pans!  I discovered Green Life Cookware  a while ago and really like their quality so far and I use them a lot during the week.  I love how non-stick they are, making clean up very easy and I use MUCH less fat to saute and cook foods because of how well they keep food from sticking.  Look for pans like these that are manufactured without PFAS, PFOA, Lead or Cadmium, which guarantees that no toxic fumes will release even when accidentally overheated to avoid unnecessary toxins.

It’s amazing how just some simple tools can help save you from using extra fat when cooking and sauteing!  Again, watch out to avoid charring your food. If you love the taste, try to wean yourself slowly by stop cooking your meats and other foods to a little bit before the char and each time you do it, appreciate the taste and soon you’ll be used to the new texture and taste!

Best of Health & Blessings to You!