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Caffeine! It’s many peoples “drug of choice” to get going in the morning (I’m guilty). Many studies do show that some caffeine can help your health within reasonable amounts. It of course depends on your chemical make up and also if you have any health conditions. Warning: if you’re sensitive to the effects of Caffeine such as nervousness, jitters, rapid heart rate, the effects can last up to 6 hrs! This is why many have trouble sleeping – here is why.

Caffeine resembles adenosine, which slows down the nervous system, dilates blood vessels & allows for sleep. Caffeine & Adenosine compete for available nerve cell receptor. Some are blocked by caffeine thus blocking sleep mechanisms from working as they should. Amazing huh? Shoot for 100 mg/day or no more 1-2 cups per day (which is equal to about 370 mg caffeine) if you can even handle that much. Options to help you reduce your caffeine intake are to: go ½ decaf to caffeinated coffee until you can do all decaf, water down your tea a bit or drink decaffeinated teas. You may be surprised how good you feel! Rested and alert with no need for a cup of Joe!