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Seeds of Change Approach

After years of experience, I've come to realize DIETS Don't Work! They do not work if you want lasting lifestyle changes and ENJOY your life that is...the "Non-diet Approach" is a fresh, new approach where you get back to basics, living more, enjoying food, enjoying movement and listening to your body.  If you're tired of dieting and ready for a different approach this just may be your key to a new way of living!

My Story

I've always had a natural passion for eating healthy foods and an interest in nutrition and how it affects the body.  After battling a health condition and seeing results, through changing my food choices and a lot of faith, this helped fuel my passion to help others! I saw firsthand how nutrition makes all the difference!

I work with women who are fed up with trying every diet hoping "its the one" & have spent a lot of money in the process with no lasting results.  If you're ready to gain energy, feel confident & desirable in your clothes again and have a better quality of life then let's talk!

There's nothing more beautiful & inspiring to see a woman happy, with her head held high and with a bounce in her step!  That's my goal with each client I work with and that's why I do what I do.  May you ENJOY life to the fullest!  You deserve it.  It's time.

Why wait to tomorrow to start your journey to better health?

Wait until your family & friends see the Seed of Change in YOU!

Health Coach
Best in Health! Lori BA, ACE-CHC, NDTR

Meet Lori

Experience & Certifications:

*NDTR, Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered for 10 plus years
*ACE Certified Health Coach
*Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management
*Certificate of Training in Nutrition Counseling through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
*10 + years in the Organic Food Industry
*Serve Safe Certified by the National Restaurant Association.
*Led several Christian based Weight Loss Programs that incorporate Bible study and prayer, along with nutrition and exercise, to integrate the mind, body and spirit person.

I must maintain a minimum of 50 hours of Continuing Education within 5 years through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics relating to my field.  This, along with being a member of the Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group and Certified ACE Health Coach, keeps me up to date to serve you with the latest science concerning weight management and related fields.

I am looking forward to connecting with you to help you achieve your goals! Contact me today for a free initial phone consultation!


If you have tried dieting and it hasn't worked long term and you're ready for change, one step at a time, contact me Today for a free initial consult!  I can't wait to see the seeds of change in YOU!